The new location is only open by appointment.  It is located in Providence, RI.  A Covid checklist will be required in addition to the waiver and intake form.  





A Message from Ariadne

Welcome to the site for Anahata Massage and Ariadne Greenberg Yoga.


Anahata is the Sanskrit word for the fourth chakra: the heart center.  I chose this word for my business because, in the words of  that classic of early cinema Metropolis:  "The mediator between the head and hands must be the heart."  Massage is an art and a science that provides therapeutic treatment for soft tissue imbalance, tension, and stress.  The main tools of this treatment are the therapist's hands.  But the work must be guided by careful study of anatomy, physiology, pathology, practical technique, psychology, and so on, and can positively affect both body and mind.  What connects these two... understanding and practice.... is compassion and concern for the needs and conditions of each unique person who allows me the privilege of working with them.

For a menu of services and prices please go to the page headed "Menu of Services".

If you are looking for my schedule of yoga classes go to the page headed "Yoga".  I am also available for private yoga consultations through Rhode Island Hot Yoga. For policies please go to the page headed "Company Policies"

If  you would like to set up an appointment, click "Contact Me" and send me a message.  This will also add you to my contact list (which will never be sold or otherwise shared).  When I return your message you can let me know your preferred method of communication, ask questions, and  let me know what type of service you want, ask not to be on my email list, and we can determine if I am a good match for those needs.  Massage, at its best, is about practitioner and client working together.  There is also a list of current open times