From Facebook:

"Just had a simply perfect Swedish massage @ Anahata Massage. Adriadne is amazing and her new location is cozy and relaxing! Thank you"

Sheila Quigley


"The best deep tissue massage I have ever had. Ariadne's brilliance and compassion, and just plain talent, came through resoundingly. I have known her for at least ten years as a gifted yoga instructor. Her turn to massage therapy is a natural progression in her journey. My massage was five hours ago, and I am still glowing!"

Diane Dorough Barense


"Every aspect of the experience at Anahata Massage is customized to your individual needs. Ariadne invests the time and care needed to understand her clients' mental as well as physical state of being resulting in massage treatments that are healing on multiple levels. I cannot recommend Anahata Massage strongly enough."

Henrietta Glass


"Just enjoyed another fabulous massage at Anahata Massage. Ariadne Greenberg is a gifted massage therapist with a passion for nurturing body and soul. If you are in need of nurturing, (and
who isn’t?), be sure to try one of her many services. She makes her oils, scrubs, lotions herself......everything is natural."

Faye Thormodsgard Maris


"“Put your own mask on first “ we are told when flying so that we can then take care of others around us. The massages at Anahata Massage allow one the time to take care of one’s body and spirit so that when the session is over your restored self can return to being the worker, parent, sibling or caretaker again. Lovely massage room. Experienced hands. Intelligent and mindful treatment. Put your own mask on first and go!"

Laurie Petruck Flynn


"This is the perfect massage! It was completely tailored to what I needed today. Total body relaxation and rejuvenation!! Highly recommend!!"

Kate Greaves-Davignon


"Had the most amazing massage with Ariadne. Was having pain in my neck and shoulders that triggered a migraine. She legit released all tension. I have been in the spa industry for several years and have yet to receive a massage quite like this. Thank you so much not only are her hands magic but she is so knowledgeable with tips and sleeping positions to try. See you soon!!"

Ashley Andrade


From Google:

"Very nice experience, her background definitely helps her understanding of the body. Don't let this little lady fool you she will definitely mush you up if that's what you want."

Ann Frechette


"Ariadne took the time to find out what my needs/goals were before starting in on a massage. I had the lighter version of a Swedish Massage, but she can provide many different types of massages (deep tissue, hot stone, etc...). The massage was (overall) very relaxing even though she had to really work on the areas which needed some extra pressure. I'm very impressed with the dedication Ariadne puts into making sure her clients have a long-term approach to better health. Rather than 'massage and you're done', she spent time with me after the massage to demonstrate different stretches I can/should do to help me prevent the tension I've developed in my lower back and hips. I'd call that significant added value. It's Ariadne's commitment to improving her clients' health (rather than just providing a massage) that impresses me."

Joe Cracco


"What an absolutely wonderful treat. This is the most relaxed I have been in many months and the stress seemed to leave my body over the course of the one hour massage with Ariadne. She is immensely qualified and expert in her ability to provide an outstanding massage. I would highly recommend this treatment and combined with yoga is the recipe for health and wellness. Namaste."

Nancy McDowell